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South American Palm Weevil

Since 2006, the invasive South American Palm Weevil has been feeding on San Diego's iconic but non-native Canary Island Date Palms, which adorn many streets in Kensington, Talmadge, and other neighborhoods.

By the time the Palm Weevil's damage is visible from ground level, it is often too late, and the tree must be carefully disposed of to avoid spreading the infestation. Palms damaged by this pest are also highly flammable - a deadly hazard in our warming, drying climate.

Trees KenTal is developing a sustainable strategy to supplement and gradually replace the palm trees attacked by this invasive pest. By planting drought-resistant canopy trees between existing palms on grassy easements, we will have mature shade-giving trees in place as the palms give way, preserving our neighborhoods' beauty and promoting urban cooling through the hot summers to come.

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